gallery two

A Project By......oil on canvas 48"X48"

A Project by…… oil on canvas 48″X48″

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Alexandra - 36X48 diptych oil on canvas

Alexandra – oil on canvas 36″X48″ diptych


Inner Harbour – oil on board 37″X60″


Conundrum - oil on canvas 36"X48"

Conundrum – oil on canvas 36″X48″

Sunset Strip 54″X48″oil on canvas
Owen of the Sound 60″X84″ oil on canvas
Harbour 54″X84″ oil on canvas
Nest Door 37″X59″ oil on wood
Winter of 2014 49″X54″ oil on canvas
Looking West 45″X49″ oil on canvas
10th Street and 1st Avenue East Diptych 48″X96″ oil on canvas
Leaving 60″ X 84″ oil on canvas
Bingo 36″ X 36″ oil on canvas

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